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My Favorite things. Obviously. (:

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Realization~Part 5- Zutara
“Oh no,” Katara sighed as she sat against the door.
 Why can’t this be easier?  I just need to tell Aang outright at this point.  She grabbed her stomach.  The stress of hiding her and Zuko’s relationship was giving her pain. 
“I can figure this out after tonight,” Katara mused out loud. 
 She walked over to her closet to get out a simple, yet slightly form fitting dress.  It was a pale maroon color and reached just above the floor.  She reached up to her neck instinctively only to remember that she hadn’t actually found her necklace earlier. 
 Her eyes widened. 
 “I can’t believe I forgot about my necklace!”
 But it was almost seven o’clock and the palace was too big to search in such a short amount of time. 
 She sighed again and pushed open the door and headed towards the foyer where the group was supposed to meet for their double date.
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Realization~Part 4- Zutara
Katara turned around.  Behind her she saw none other than Toph.
“Toph!” She ran up to her and gave her a huge hug.
“Hey!  Not too tight, I’m delicate,” Toph kidded.
“It’s so good to see you!  Wait what are you even doing here?  When did you get here?  Is everything alright?”
“Slow down, I’m here cause Aang contacted me and told me the Gaang was getting back together again.  I got here about a half an hour ago, Iroh showed me to a room already, and yes Mother, I’m fine!”
Katara smiled, she had missed her dear friend.  It had been so long since all six of them had been in the same place.  She and Toph sat by the pond for a while and caught up.  As it turns out Toph was trying to start her own academy for metal bending so she had been constantly working up until visiting.  
“So, anyways,” Toph started. “I heard about you and Zuko’s little rendez
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Realization~Part 3- Zutara
~Chapter 3
Zuko panicked, had Mai seen them go into the room together?  He cautiously walked over to the door.  Zuko opened the door hesitantly.  
"Oh Zuko!  I'm sorry if I scared you I just left my necklace in here," Katara said smiling,  "Did you happen to see anything?"
Zuko sighed in relief
"Uh, no Katara, I don't think so.  But I'll keep my eyes peeled."
"Oh no!  I really need to find it, otherwise, Sokka will see that it's missing then ask where it would be and then I wouldn't know how to answer or actually I'd have to lie and then what if we never found it….Oh no, oh no, oh no."
"Katara! Calm down," Zuko took her in his arms and held her tightly, "Don't worry, we'll find it.  It can't have gone missing we were only in here for fifteen minutes."
Zuko got down on his hands and knees while Katara looked around the bed.  
"Hey Zuko," Katara started, "What's that piece of paper under the be
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I'm so sorry for the huge huge gap between the parts.  I actually did have a harddrive crash and I lost everything.  But my computers fine, though I haven't had any inspiration.  Plus school work, very sorry! I'll figure it out eventually!

<3 Chloe.


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